PUBLICATION Best Submissions

We have received just over 1200 Street Photography submissions and it is well overdue that I announce a winner to receive the Winogrand 1964 book.

The standard really was very high and the entries utilized the full vocabulary of Street Photography.
Choosing a winner for these things is always going to be very subjective but I have used my usual criteria which is to select the image that I most wish I had taken myself.

The recipient of the first PUBLICATION magazine submissions book prize is Manu Thomas.

Manu's image is strongly composed with a number of beautiful competing elements, tensions and details. It contains a strong social observation and that all important moment.

You can see more of Manu's work here.

I have also selected a number of beautiful images for special mention.

Thank you to all who entered.

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Winning image by Manu Thomas
Erik Borst
Dougie Wallace
Lemuel Chanyungco
Jack Simon
Rafael Alcacer
Naveen Jamal
Manuel Vazquez
Dani Subagja
Nacho Santigosa
Matt Robinson
Dima Fedorov
Kramer O'Neill
Christian Widmer
Eddie Geisinger
Chris Graham
Timothy Schenck
Donato Buccella
Ben Roberts